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Tyler1 Twitter Broadcaster: Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, and More

(Tyler1 Twitter) – Tyler1 is an American YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster. Like many people who stream on Twitch, he is famous for showing people how he plays games. In the games he likes to play, like League of Legends, he is most well-known for his skills.

Because of Tyler1’s great YouTube and Twitch videos, he is a big star worldwide, mostly in the gaming community. He has amassed tens of thousands of fans across his social media accounts.


Tyler1 Twitter Broadcaster was born on March 6, 1995. He did not have permission to play Draven for almost two years because he was too mean to other people.

Riot Games removed his suspension on January 8, 2018, as well as his first broadcast after being unbanned had over 350,000 concurrent viewers, making among the most streams on Twitch. Almost 2 million people are following Tyler on Twitch.



Due to his toxic conduct, Tyler1 Twitter Broadcaster was banned from League of Legends on May 1, 2016. Riot Games imposed an unusual ban on him, preventing him from accessing his League of Legends account or participating in any competitive matches.

He even made over 20 other accounts, yet he was immediately banned every time he attempted to play. Thus, he was no longer able to broadcast League of Legends. During his ban, other things like cooking and playing different games were streamed. He didn’t stop streaming.

Some EU LCS feeds were swamped by the Tyler1 Championship Series, Tyler1’s League of Legends amateur league. In the past, Tyler1 was one of the best streamers on Twitch.


Childhood and the Early Years:

People in Missouri, United States, called him Tyler1. He was born and raised on March 7, 1995. She is an American citizen with a mixed background. She is also thought to be a Pisces. He has a brother named Eric Lamont Robbins Jr., but we can’t find out who his parents are or what they look like.

At the same time, he was very active in his extracurricular activities when he was a young boy. Tyler1 Twitter Broadcaster has gone to Central Methodist University as well as studied computer science to get a better education.

Tyler1 Girlfriend:

Tyler1 Girlfriend

Tyler is presently dating Macayle. A few years ago, they met each other on the internet, and now they have a happy love life. They are in a long-term relationship and have just relocated together. They have three cats, which go by the names of Thеo, Emmitt, and Nelson.

Tyler1 Career:

Esports is where Tyler1 Twitter Broadcaster started his career. He competed in League of Legends ladder games in 2014, where he made money. It didn’t matter that he was a great player or streamer because he was well-known for doing things that were not right while playing or streaming the game.

After he streamed for a while, the number of people who followed his Twitch channel rose in April 2016. That’s when he said that he had changed.

Also, the title of his first YouTube video is “I AM CHANGED.” This news has boosted his streaming career at an early point in time. Soon, he had more than 100,000 followers on Twitch, which is how many people follow him on there. They became his fans because he had made them like him.

The way he used to act wasn’t the same this time. He was, however, barred from playing Riot Games’ League of Legends game due to his toxic conduct. When he was banned, he played other games, especially PUBG, and streamed them live.

Finally, in January 2018, he could stream again, and the number of people who watched reached almost 400,000. There have been no major problems with his job since then. T1, a South Korean esports group, hired him to make the content in October 2020. Over the past few months, he has gained more than 4.6 million followers and more than 10k paid followers.

On the other hand, Tyler1 Twitter Broadcaster set up his YouTube account on May 19, 2014. He posts clips from his Twitch broadcasts to the channel. As of April 2016, he uploaded videos to the channel every day. The channel now has over 2.7 million followers and 468 million video views.

Tyler1 Net Worth:

Tyler1 is worth $3 million (estimated). There are a lot of places where he makes money, like YouTube, Twitch, online stores, and so on. Tyler1 Twitter Broadcaster makes money from a lot of different places. You can read more about them below.

· Tyler1 Twitch:

To make money streaming on Twitch, he can put ads on his videos or ask for donations. He can also charge people to be a subscriber. If you look at the list of the top-earning Twitch creators from August 2019 to September 2021, LolTyler1 is at number 15 on the list. Based on the leak, this is what he has made in the last 26 months. These earnings don’t include direct donations, sponsorships, or contracts with Twitch that the creator has signed with the company itself.

· Tyler1 YouTube:

Even though he doesn’t stream on Twitch very often, he is very active on YouTube and uploads 1-2 videos weekly. As of now, Socialblade says that his channel gets about 5 million views a month. He makes nearly about $15,000 a month. A lot of his money comes from ads in the middle of his videos.

· Tyler1 Online-store:

His official website has an online store. Clothing isn’t all that he sells. He also sells cases, supplements, bottles, and other things. However, there is no information about how much money Tyler1 Twitter Broadcaster makes from this source right now.

Tyler1 Social Media Presence:

Tyler1 spends a lot of time on many popular social media networks because this is essential for his job on the internet. He has almost 420,000 followers and has tweeted over 920 times since launching his account in January 2016. His Instagram account has over 540,000 followers and approximately 50 photos, and he also has a Facebook profile with over 142,000 followers.

10 Facts on Tyler1:

  1. Tyler1 Twitter Broadcaster, aka Tyler Steinkamp’s Twitch broadcasts and gaming videos on YouTube, have made Tyler1 a popular social media figure.
  2. Tyler1 will be 27 years old in 2022. Tyler1 born in 1995
  3. His wiki-bio says that Tyler’s birthday is on March 7 each year. As a bonus, his birth sign is Pisces.
  4. Steinkamp is an American citizen born and reared in Missouri.
  5. one of our sources have been able to find out about his parents. He has a younger brother, Eric, who is a Twitch broadcaster as well.
  6. Tyler1 height is 5 feet, 6 inches. We don’t know his weight or other body measurements in this case. When we look at his pictures, we can say that he has a strong body and a well-kept body.
  7. He has a total worth of USD 4.3 million, which he earned through his work on the web.
  8. Steinkamp is in a relationship with Macaiyla twitter. In his Instagram posts, he often shows off his girlfriend.
  9. In November 2020, Tyler will have 3.8 million followers on his Twitch account @loltyler1. And he has 2.51 million followers on YouTube, too.
  10. Tyler Steinkamp has an Instagram account called @tyler1 alpha. You can find him there. In total, he has more than 699,000 followers on Instagram.


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