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Neck Fan-Wearable Fan

The most recent model of neck fan has lovely 7 color-changing LEDs that change as you move and feel the breeze on your face. Bright lights click the button to initiate a colorful change. A second press will lock the lights.

This Hands-Free Portable Neck Fan has a hand-free style in its design. With this chic handless fan, you can look cool. You can hang the fan from your neck and carrying it is simple. It has a lithium battery incorporated right into it. It has a USB port and is rechargeable.

So, you can use this USB port to recharge it. The majority of laptops, computers, portable chargers, and other USB-output devices are compatible with this USB port. Its output window is between two to ten hours. It is based on the wind’s velocity.

  • This fan can be adjusted by 360° and 180°.
  • It can be held in your hands, neck, or on a table.
  • With varying levels of speed.
  • A USB interface makes charging simple.
  • A hanging neck structure that frees the hands.
  • Can be utilized for work, play, sports, and fitness.
  • A button’s ergonomic design. Three gears, a twin fan, and a single key switch make it simple to use.
  • Super wing capacity, a silent motor, smooth speed shifting, and a wide speed range
  • Fan Angle may be changed at will. The wind can be freely adjusted in all directions.
  • Enjoy the cool sensation brought on by various wind speeds with intelligent wind speed control.
  • Single push to adjust wing strength; long press for 2 seconds to switch on/off.
  • In use: blue light turned on.
  • Red light indicates charging.
  • Blue light indicates battery full charge.

Function Key:

  • Long press (on/off) for 2 seconds.
  • Change the wing strength with a single press.
  • In use: blue light turned on.
  • Red light indicates charging.
  • Blue light indicates battery full charge.

Utilization of a mobile, rechargeable neck fan:

  • It’s wearable as a necklace.
  • It weighs very little.
  • It works exactly like a hands-free gadget.
  • For someone who enjoys athletics, it is best.
  • It can rotate a full 360 degrees.
  • Additionally, it helps with cooking time.

Regarding this item:

  • The portable neck fan’s distinctive style was motivated by earphones. To free up your hands, it merely needs to be hung around the neck, and it looks so stylish and elegant. You may experience a cool breeze in every direction thanks to a decentralized circular air exit, which is ideal for dispelling the oppressive heat.
  • The most recent improved neck fan has a leafless design, which is safer and quieter than the old USB Fan. For kids and dogs in especially, you won’t have to worry about your hair becoming caught in the fan’s leaves. With no worries, you may play with kids and animals while still taking advantage of the neck fan’s pleasant breeze.



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