Neck Fan-Wearable Fan

The most recent model of neck fan has lovely 7 color-changing LEDs that change as you move and feel the breeze on your face. Bright lights click the button to initiate a colorful change. A second press will lock the lights.

This Hands-Free Portable Neck Fan has a hand-free style in its design. With this chic handless fan, you can look cool. You can hang the fan from your neck and carrying it is simple. It has a lithium battery incorporated right into it. It has a USB port and is rechargeable.

So, you can use this USB port to recharge it. The majority of laptops, computers, portable chargers, and other USB-output devices are compatible with this USB port. Its output window is between two to ten hours. It is based on the wind’s velocity.

Function Key:

Utilization of a mobile, rechargeable neck fan:

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