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5 Things You Need to Know About DeOrr Kunz Disappearance

In the ongoing inquiry into DeOrr Kunz, Jr.’s disappearance, the person of interest is the focus of the public’s attention. Apart from the two-year-old’s grandpa and his mother, deOrr K Sr., as well as Jessica Mitchell, a third person was in the same family on the campsite, called Isaac Reinwand.

He said he had no clue what happened to the child who was missing on July 10 in Timber Creek Campground. Timber Creek Campground. KSL informs it was Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman who confirmed that 35-year-old Reinwand from Idaho Falls was with the group on the camping excursion. The family member’s name was kept in the investigation into the missing Idaho toddler.

The only other person who is not identified is the boy’s great-grandfather. It’s been 6 and 6 years since the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz. He was just two years old when he vanished. There has been no trace of DeOrr since the day he disappeared. Like that, no one has been arrested in connection with his disappearance.

1.    DeOrr Kunz Disappeared For Almost A Full Year In The Past

DeOrr Kunz’s father and Jessica Mitchell’s mother were camping with their infant child inside the Salmon-Challis National Forest on July 10, 2015. Mitchell’s grandfather, Robert Walton, as well as Walton’s fishing buddy, Isaac Reinwand, were also there at the campground.

The next day, Kunz Mitchell and Kunz Mitchell say they went to DeOrr’s general store to purchase supplies and food after cooking an entire breakfast. When they returned to camp, the pair claim, they searched for a spot to fish. Kunz claims they got 50 yards from the spot before spotting a few minnows that which he believed DeOrr Kunz would be interested in seeing.

2.    Search For DeOrr Kunz

Searchers searched for miles of land and water, but no trace of him was discovered. Surveillance by Lemhi County Sheriff’s deputies began around an hour after DeOrr Kunz vanished. Search and rescue personnel utilized all-terrain vehicles to search the terrain thoroughly, and divers searched the reservoir nearby. Despite the efforts of 200 volunteers for 2 days, there was no trace of the boy.

3.    The Four Adults Who Took Part In The Trip Have Been Cleared Of The Incident In The Investigation.

Deputy Steve Penner says that investigators have talked to everyone at the site “many times.” “There were four persons on the dishonest premises. None of them has been removed from the scene also.” The parents of DeOrr Kunz maintain in a statement to people that they are not hiding anything and claim that they cooperated with police completely up to the point they were identified as suspects.

DeOrr Kunz jr

According to Sheriff Lynn Bowerman, there are contradictions in the parents’ stories and also timeframes; the police have not yet found tangible evidence to prove the case.

4.    The Family Believes He’s Still Alive

There is no evidence of clothing or blood samples to show what could have transpired; Kunz and Mitchell are hoping that DeOrr is alive. The couple tells PEOPLE the pair are “hopeful” they’ll see their son once more. “He’s our life,” Kunz said.

5.    The Remote Region Is Home To A Variety Of Species Of Animals, And Even People

Mitchell and Kunz Kunz tell PEOPLE the pair believe DeOrr Kunz was abducted by people who live in the mountains, possibly away from the grid. But, the weather would make it difficult for anyone to reside in the 4.2 million acres of national forest all year, Chuck Mark, the forest director for the Salmon-Challis, Tells PEOPLE. As per Sheriff Bowerman, they don’t believe that DeOrr Kunz was taken by animals or humans like the ones living in known bear dens in the vicinity of the campsite.

Summary of DeOrr Kunz Disappearance

  • Deorr got lost wandering around: this is hard to believe because there was no trace of Deorr. The camp was searching hard but did not find anything.
  • Wild animals have reached Deorr: I believe this is possible, but they didn’t find any blood or other clothing items. The boots he was wearing were two sizes too large, and if a wild animal had caught him, one could likely have fallen off.
  • Deorr was a pawn in an unconstitutional adoption. When Jessica visited the shop, She took Deorr along with her to hand the child to another family. If that were the case, I don’t believe the family would be as involved in searching for Deorr as they were.
  • Deorr did not go on a camping trip (a personal belief). The theory is that something was wrong with Deorr or his parents. This caused something to Deorr prior to the camping trip and then used it to cover up the incident. This makes sense as there was no evidence suggesting that Deorr was even in the camp. Researchers did not find any DNA evidence at the campsite, and there was no blood in the vicinity.


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