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Today, robotics software is used to automate software affairs and convenience human work. The first software Bot was built about 15 years ago, and the importance of such Bots to save time and make human work easier was proven, so, many companies have produced such Bots.

There is software such as Automation-Anywhere, UiPath, and Virtual User. The Virtual User software is one of the most successful and popular Bot software in this field, and we want to introduce virtual user software.

What Are the Advantages of Using Virtual User Software Bot?

With this software, you can automate a lot of software tasks without the need for programming knowledge, so that you can no longer do these tasks manually, which can be time-consuming, and also avoid human mistakes that are not unexpected.

Because this Bot always does things fixed and away from errors. If you use these Bots, you can automate many parts of your business matters and reduce staff costs as much as you can. This software is a good alternative for human beings in doing software affairs.

Knowing the parts and features of this software, you will become more aware of its importance. Stay with us…

What Are the Components of the Virtual User Bot Software?

1. Recorder Program

Using this program, you can record all activities that are performed with the mouse and keyboard.

2. Editor Program

Using the editor program, you can edit the file you created with the recorder program and add other commands to it.

3. Player Program

Finally, you use this program to run the Bots you have created.

As we said, the Virtual User Program is a very practical and smart program for creating a Bot and also has special features for creating and editing a Bot. In the following, we will explain the reasons why this software is smart.

Some Intelligent Features of the Virtual User software.

1. Creating Conditions and Conditional Orders to Manage Different Situations

In the Virtual User Software, it is possible to create a condition order with the result of the execution of each command (it can be determined what to do if a command is successful or unsuccessful). It is also possible to create conditions through control commands (commands such as Check Number, Excel Check Cell that check the amount of an Excel cell or a number to see if it is smaller than or equal to another number) and other similar condition commands that make management situations easier.

2. Variability to Increase the Flexibility of the Bot in Different Systems

The Virtual User software with numerical and textual variables (Definable in any quantity) and predefined system variables; It is like a folder of Program Files, My Documents, etc. The possibility of extensive use of these variables in almost all commands (especially control and conditional commands) allows the Bot to adapt to different systems and conditions.

3. Passing Captcha Security Codes

Many may not agree with this option, but if the Bot is to replace humans, it must be able to pass Captcha security codes like humans. Therefore, the ability to detect and insert Captcha security codes is included in the Virtual User software.

4. Ability to Wait for Special Cases to Decide and Perform at the Right Time

Waiting and detecting the change of status of a specific control (for example, ticking a control), waiting and detecting the opening or closing of a specific window, waiting and detecting the filling of a specific field by the user, waiting and detecting the loading of web pages, Waiting and detecting the appearance or hiding of web page elements and others which are important things that Virtual User software is equipped with.

In this section, we introduced the features of this program to learn more about the intelligence of the Virtual User software. To get more information in this field, refer to the site of the manufacturer of this product and learn more about the features and performance of this software. You can also see the pre-made Bots that this site has programmed.

The Virtual User Pre-made Bots.

1. Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot

This product is a package of various Bots for sending mass messages and advertisements on Telegram, which also includes special tutorials and tricks not to be blocked. The Bots of this package can send photos, videos, links, etc. along with messages, and can extract the IDs of all members from telegram groups to be used for sending or editing in the group.

2. WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Bot

This product is a package of multiple bots for Whatsapp Advertising, provided with tutorials, tips and tricks to avoid getting reported and blocked. The bots in this package have the ability to send photos, videos, links, emojis, etc with the message and can extract the mobile number of all members of WhatsApp groups.

3. Instagram Bot

This product is a package of several bots, tutorials and tools needed to attract Instagram followers. It also has features to increase the chances of entering Instagram Explore and fix problems and bugs on your page. The bots in this package are guaranteed not to be blocked and are approved by Instagram advisers.

How to Prepare Bot Maker Software and The virtual User Ready Bots

To get this smart product, you need to refer to the virtual user site. This product is a commercial product and is not free, so you must buy it on the Virtual User site. Before buying a Bot, you can learn how to use these Bots on the page related to the same Bot, and you can also benefit from their text and video tutorials by preparing each of these products in the file of the same product.


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