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Bangkok Residents Need the Convenience of Secure Self-storage

Bangkok Residents Need Secure Self-storage

With the world beginning to recover from the pandemic, borders are opening, and economies are starting to pick up steam. Many people are being hired in Bangkok from all over Thailand as well as foreign countries. And this means relocating to the big city.

But once people arrive and start looking for places that aren’t too far from their place of business, they also start wishing for a secure self-storage place. Someone relocating to Bangkok from the country or suburbs with plenty of room in a spacious home may not be prepared for the size of the condos in their price range near public transportation.

There has been a housing boom over the last decade in Bangkok, but to sell the units quickly and start building quickly, the units have had to be priced as low as possible. This has meant that some of the most desirable areas to live, those along the BTS or MRT routes, have smaller units than people used to living outside the city are used to.

When someone arrives in town and sees the floor areas in the units they can afford, they have to figure out how to manage all their possessions and still rent one of these commute-convenient units. Luckily, a company with several outlets all over Bangkok provides the perfect solution.

Prioritise Your Belongings

The company is called JWD Store It! They offer air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned storage units that allow you to prioritise your belongings and safely and securely store the ones you use only occasionally.

There are seven sizes of available storage units from .5 metres by 1.4 metres for the single person needing to store a few household items to 30-50 metres of floor area for a company needing to store office furniture, records or products.

Few people need all their belongings every day. Most people only use some of their belongings on a daily basis. The rest take up room in a closet or some other storage area around the home. You can store the rest by prioritising your belongings and choosing only those you use every day. Items like rarely-used sports equipment, extra clothes, and family heirlooms are stored in a safe and air-conditioned rental unit and provide more room in your new place.

Several Convenient and Secure Locations Across Bangkok

And with several locations across Bangkok, you can access your items quickly when you need to. You’ll have 24-hour access to your secure storage area via a PIN code to enter the building. You lock your unit with your own lock, which only you have keys to. There are even pallet jacks, trolleys and step ladders to help you with your move.

Feel better about downsizing to make your commute shorter and quicker when you know your belongings are safe and easily accessible.

Find the JWD Store It! Facility close to the location you want to live. Then move into your new place and take your additional belongings to your nearby safe and secure self-storage locker.


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