How to Make Best Incense Stick Boxes In 2022

how you can make incense stick boxes that will keep your products fresh and effective for years.

Incense Stick Boxes are a popular product for many people. You can use them to create ambiance, help promote relaxation, and provide a sense of calmness in the home or office. However, if you do not properly pack incense sticks, they will quickly lose their scent.

incense packaging boxes:

On the other hand, quality incense packaging boxes help to maintain the scent of the product. Moreover, these packages help you in promoting your business. In this blog post, I will talk about how you can make incense stick boxes that will keep your products fresh and effective for years to come!

A Guide on Designing Quality Packaging:

Take Proper Dimensions of the Box:

A lot of incense stick boxes are designed with dimensions similar to that of a credit card. This may not be an issue for some people, but it is important to consider when designing your box.

You need to measure out each side and then add them together (length + width + height). On average, you want at least one inch more on all sides than what would fit as a strip into a printer or copy machine tray. If this seems like too much work, there are plenty of online calculators available to assist you!

Take Time to Gather Your Materials:

The first step in creating quality packaging involves gathering up everything you will need. There are several kinds of materials available in the market that you can use to manufacture these boxes. We recommend you to use cardboard or Kraft materials because these materials are durable, elegant, and economical, too.

In addition, these materials do not harm the environment, so you do not need to worry about the pollution factor. As these boxes are recyclable, so every time you do not need to use virgin stock to produce these boxes. It will help you to reduce the packaging costs as well.

Bring Some Creative Box Designs:

Designing the box is a crucial step, so you need to keep that in mind before taking the next steps. First of all, start with an attractive design or color. You can go for plain colors like black and white if your company has a conservative look. Custom tuck end boxes are commonly used to pack these items, so you should go with this design. But if you are launching products targeted at children, then use bright shades like pink and yellow. These colors are associated with children, and they love to use these colors.

It is recommended to make unique designs on the box. For example, you can use symbols, letters, or shapes to create a unique and attractive design so that people would like to buy your products.

Be sure to make these boxes with high-quality paper inside as any inconsistencies in the incense sticks will likely transfer onto them.

Increase Usability with Custom Add-Ons:

You can use these incense stick boxes for storing and transporting the product. This means that it should also provide suitable functionality so that users will enjoy using these products and thus increase their usability with custom add-ons such as a handle or Velcro ties on the top of the package to make opening easier.

There are several add-on features that you can add to the incense sticks box to increase usability. One way is by providing custom add-ons such as a handle or Velcro ties on top of the package to make opening easier for users if they are not able to use their hands.

You can also make them more effective by adding an included tray, which is usually made out of cardboard and doesn’t come with many boxes. But it could still provide protection from accidental spillage on surfaces when transporting these products around.

Decorate These Boxes with Custom Prints:

The final way of designing incense stick boxes is by adding your company’s logo to the package. This will be a distinctive feature that separates you from other brands and show people who made these products.

You could also design the packaging around holidays or seasons like Christmas with reds, greens, gold, silver, and more for different themes. In addition, you can add beautiful pictures and patterns to the box that will draw people to your product.

Always make sure that your supplier is using quality material to produce these boxes. These materials give the best durability and protection against elements like rain or sunlight.

Make Your Boxes Luxurious with Custom Finishing:

If you want to give a luxurious look to your incense boxes, these finishing are the answer to your query. For example, you could use satin or gloss on the box. You may also want to add a gold stamping, adding some metallic foil paper with mirrored finishing for an even fancier look.

Another way of making your packaging more luxurious is by adding real gold lettering on one side of the box that says things like: ‘Luxury Incense Stick Boxes.’

Still another option is that you can use is embossing the designs and patterns. It makes them very appealing to customers (though they will need to invest in this type). Some companies go as far as printing their logo onto metal plates before attaching these labels to the incense boxes. The best part about investing in custom finishes does not only do they enhance the appearance, but it makes them appealing for the customers.

Perform Quality Tests to Ensure Durability:

The most important thing to do when designing incense sticks boxes is to make sure that they are durable. Perform quality tests by dropping the box on a hard surface or placing it in water for an extended period of time. If you find any cracks, leaks, tears, or other signs of wear and tear, then your design needs refinement before proceeding with production.

If you find any issues, fix them before proceeding with production. Otherwise, your company will face massive business losses.


There are many different ways to design incense stick boxes. It is important to think about what type you want before getting started on designing them. So, you can create them accordingly with all the features needed from start to finish!

This blog post has discussed four methods in detail: printing a company logo onto the packaging, adding holiday colors or patterns, decorating with custom prints, and finally choosing high-quality materials for strength. Use the above-mentioned guide and design the best of the best packaging boxes for your incense sticks.

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