All About Xiao Baba Richard Ouyang

In addition to her roles in Mahjong and the West, Love Arcadia, and Buddy Solitaire, American actor Richard Ouyang was born in Shangai (2016). In Shangai, China, Richard was born in a well-known city. One of the most popular and skilled Hong Kong-born American performers in the US is Richard.

Richard Ouyang Personal Info:

We don’t know when Richard Ouyang was born; nevertheless, as of 2022, Ouyang age is approximately 50 or 55. Richard practices Buddhism in Chinese and has no idea what sign he was born under. Above 5 feet 2 inches, he weighs in at approximately 59 kg. Richard has a flat head and dark eyes, both of which enhance his attractiveness and set him apart from others of his race.

Richard Ouyang Family and Relationship:

Jimmy O. Yang, a well-known actor and stand-up comedian in the United States is Richard Ouyang’s only child. As far as we know, Richard did not provide any details about his family or personal life.

Richard Ouyang Early Life and Education:

When Richard was a child, he was raised in Shangai and attended a local school. Richard graduated from a prestigious Chinese university. Since he was in elementary school, Richard had a burning desire to pursue a career in performing and filmmaking.

The following year he relocated to Hong Kong, where he took acting seminars and lessons to hone his abilities.

Xiao Baba Richard Ouyang

Once in the United States, Richard developed his acting abilities by taking part in brief parts at various events and honing them. Richard’s acting career took off when he landed a part in the 2013 television series Little Daddy.

Richard appeared in a slew of films and television Richard Ouyang shows as his career progressed, earning him acclaim throughout the land. Richard Ouyang Little Daddy role loved by huge audience. Richard Ouyang Chinese show was also famous.

Xiao Baba Richard Ouyang

Richard Ouyang Movies:

Richard Ouyang began his acting career in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2014, when he appeared in Mahjong and the West, that he gained notoriety and a reputation. The following is a list of the films on which Richard has worked.

  • Richard as Boss in Little Daddy (2013).
  • Richard as Feng in Mahjong and the West (2014).
  • Richard as Chef in Love Arcadia (2015).
  • Richard as Meditator in Buddy Solitaire (2016).
  • Richard as a Father in Patriots Day (2016).
  • Richard as Waiter in Lonely Blue Night (2020).
  • Richard as Zhang in Space Force (2020).

Xiao Baba Richard Ouyang

Richard Ouyang Net Worth:

Richard Ouyang makes his living solely as an actor. Richard’s net worth is something in the neighborhood of $500,000.

Some Facts About Richard Ouyang:

  • In 2022, Richard will be in his mid-fifties or early sixties.
  • Richard became famous in 2014 after starring in the film Mahjong and the West.
  • Richard Ouyang Jimmy O. Yang, Known American actor and comedian, father.
  • Richard is of Chinese descent. However, he now resides in the United States.
  • Richard has a fortune of over $500,000.

Richard Ouyang Space Force:

John Malkovich and Steve Carell co-starring in Space Force made Jimmy O. Yang worried. Richard Ouyang John Malkovich is seen in a film together for the first time. When it came to his father’s lack of enthusiasm on set, Jimmy was less than delighted.

richard ouyang

The show centers on the development team responsible for creating the United States Space Force, the country’s sixth branch of the armed forces. In contrast, cast member Richard is dozing off in his chair. He is unafraid. As soon as he got in there, he destroyed it.


In his early years, Ouyang worked as a sales representative for Dow Chemical in his native China. He also started a medical equipment company, which he later sold. He became a financial counselor after emigrating to the United States with his family.

Ouyang, a man who had worked hard all his life, opposed his son’s plan to become a stand-up comedian. He cautioned Yang that pursuing a degree in the arts would leave him destitute. Ultimately, the 34-year-old decided to follow his love and work exclusively in stand-up comedy.

On the other hand, his father was not pleased with his decision. Despite this, his father let him do what he pleased, hoping he would find out the truth the hard way.



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