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Dolores Madrigal, a supporting character in Disney’s animated feature film Encanto (2021), is Dolores Encanto. She was the eldest and only child of Felix Madrigal and Pepa Madrigal.

What is ‘Encanto?

Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), a young Colombian girl, lives in a home filled with magic and fueled by a flame that never goes out. The village respects Mirabel’s family because they use their magic to benefit the whole community. Mirabel is the only child who does not get their own power at age.

Abuela Alma (Maria Cecilia Botero) is the head of this family. Mirabel was born to a problematic family. She lost her home in the past and has no clue because Mirabel didn’t receive a magical gift. Mirabel must save her family from the loss of the magic they rely on.


Dolores Encanto, Mirabel’s cousin, and the oldest child is the oldest child of Felix, Pepa, and the oldest sister to Antonio and Camilo. Although she has enhanced hearing and “knows everybody’s dirt,” she is quiet and doesn’t seem to like gossiping.

She had a crush on Mariano, Isabela’s cousin, but Isa didn’t want to marry him. With Mirabel’s assistance, Dolores finally admits to her feelings for him during “All of You.” This was much to Isabela and Mirabel’s delight. Dolores Encanto also admits she knew Bruno was still in Casita, as she heard him daily.

Early life:

Dolores was twenty-one years old when the movie’s events took place. Who is Dolores parents in Encanto? She is the first child of Felix Madrigal and Pepa Madrigal. Dolores spent her early years in Casita’s nursery with Isabela, her cousin, who is just a few weeks younger than her, as well as Luisa, who is two years older than her.

Isabela was five years old when she received her magical gift. Dolores Encanto stayed in the nursery with Luisa until her fifth birthday. Dolores was gifted the gift of enhanced hearing on the evening of her fifth birthday. It was a big celebration, and Dolores Encanto moved into her new magical space.

Physical Appearance:

Dolores has curls of dark brown hair that she tied in a bun with a red ribbon. She is light-colored with hazel eyes and has brown skin. A yellow and frilly white top complements the long red skirt of her dress. Both have gold sound wave motifs to represent her enhanced hearing. Red lipstick is worn by her, along with matching earrings that look like hearts and a gold gem choker necklace.


Dolores, Felix and Pepa’s daughter, is very mature and helpful. Her magical super-hearing makes her the most knowledgeable about everything. She also tends to be quieter and less noisy than usual because she doesn’t want to make any noise.

She squeaks and becomes visibly anxious when she hears something embarrassing or reveals what she hears. Bruno prophesied that Dolores Encanto would have a crush upon Mariano, who was to marry Isabela. Dolores became more downcast after meeting Mariano. She even let herself be louder later.

She has a close relationship with her family and can be protective. Dolores is a loving grandmother to her and will treat her with kindness when her house falls apart. Dolores Encanto is most often seen with her younger siblings. Before the gift ceremony began, Dolores Encanto smiled proudly at Anton.

Although Camilo has a normal sibling relationship, she isn’t as bothered about her brother’s antics as Isabela. Camilo is the only person she trusts to tell her the truth about Bruno’s vision. When the house starts to fall apart, Dolores Encanto immediately wraps her arms around Camilo to protect him, but she can’t stop him from trying to save the Miracle Candle.

Dolores, Mirabel’s Oldest Cousin From ‘Encanto,’ Is Dolores:

Stephanie Beatriz voices Mirabel, a Colombian teenager. A magical candle grants each Madrigal family member the ability to use their magic powers. Mirabel, however, is the only one who didn’t receive any gifts when she was born. Soon, she discovers that the powers of her family members are diminishing and must find a way for them to stay alive.

Mirabel’s cousin Dolores in Encanto is Dolores. She is a supporting character and has the ability of super hearing. Mirabel is eventually thrown into trouble when Bruno’s vision of Mirabel about the magic disappearing may be her fault.

Ability and Power:

Dolores’ hearing has been improved. Her ears can hear the sound of even the slightest noises, like the sound pin dropping or the sound of someone’s eyes, twitching. She can also hear people from far away, and she was able to get messages from Casa Madrigal when Mariano’s family came for dinner. Her one problem is her inability to hear well in loud environments. She was seen clutching her ears while Antonio cheered.

The Trouble With The Magic:

Mirabel attempts to ask Encanto Dolores if she knows anything about the magic the following day at breakfast. However, “Dolores,” to her dismay, shifts into Camilo, much to the irritation of their father Felix and the honest Dolores. Dolores overheard Mirabel’s worries and told her that she, the rats in a wall, Luisa, and herself were the only ones concerned about the magic.

Alma announces to the family while they are eating breakfast that she spoke with the Guzmans regarding Isabela’s engagement. Dolores then tells the family that Mariano plans to propose to Isabela the same night. He also wants five children. Dolores from Encanto then joins the family for “The Family Madrigal” after breakfast.

Rebuilding the Casita:

Mirabel, Alma, and Bruno return to Mirabel’s home. Mirabel leads the family into “All of You” when they are together. Dolores nudges Camilo’s arm, saying that Bruno was never gone and she had heard of him ever since. As they rebuild the Casita, the Encanto’s rest help the Madrigals.

Mirabel comforts Mariano, visibly upset, as she rebuilds the Casita. She then introduces Mariano to Dolores. Dolores is able to take over the conversation, and Mirabel expresses her feelings toward Mariano. Dolores is happy for him, but Dolores Encanto warns him to slow down when Dolores suggests they get married.

Restored Magic:

Dolores, her family, and brother Camilo acknowledge the “bright [Mirabel] fires” at the end of “All of You.” As Mirabel attaches Mirabel’s doorknob to the front of the house, she watches with her family and friends and restores the magic. After the family celebrates, Dolores joins the family singing “The Family Madrigal.”


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