Most Popular Types of Healthcare Software You Need To Know

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Due to the manifestation of COVID-19 the healthcare sector is still facing great strain from staff quarantine, and chain failure to general safety protocol. But the transformation of technology has greatly enabled the healthcare system in carrying its activities.

More and more, hospitals are opening up to new technologies like healthcare software development in order to address the increasing challenges whilst providing quality healthcare to their patients. These healthcare software with diverse functions like managing schedules of doctors, giving online prescriptions, and telemarketing have   helped the healthcare systems in easing their burden.

There are different types of health maintenance software used by hospitals the most common among them are:

Electronic Healthcare Software:

Electronic Healthcare Software (EHR) is one of the most popular software utilized by hospitals and clinics. This software is quite useful as it collects information about patients. Like every patient’s past procedure, doctor’s recommendations and medication.

This software also enables the patients to access their consultation history, prescriptions and medical records. Many programs also give the option of a separate portal for the patients and may also include a financial module for invoicing and payment.

The two most common types of EHR software are Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR) which are utilized for the storage of data like medication types, dosage, and patient’s recovery course. And Electronic Patient Record Software (EPR) used internally by hospitals for the storage and processing of patient information.

Medical Database Software:

The medical database software is somehow similar to Electronic Healthcare Software but unlike EHR it categorizes the data by disease rather than patient profiles. This software helps doctors in two key areas like:

Due to availability and access to every case history the doctors are able to make better and informed decisions. You can hire the healthcare software development services for the construction of this software. As this software can be quite useful in increasing the doctor’s information and can also help them in gaining practical knowledge about methods, procedures and practices.

Medical Image Analysis:

This software is especially helpful for radiologists working with an immense amount of data. It can be used to visualize the output from MRIs and CT scans thus making it easier for them to evaluate the patient’s condition.

The software is often accompanied by Machine Learning diagnostic tools which lets doctors process the huge amount of data and focus on cases which need immediate attention. One more important feature which has made this software increasingly popular in healthcare is 3D modelling of human anatomy or design of equipment.

Medical Diagnosis Software:

Medical Diagnosis Software for doctors enables them to exchange the anonymized patient records. So that they can fill the gaps regarding any information preventing them from providing an accurate diagnosis. This software employs artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze all the information about patient data and generate appropriate diagnoses.

The software is helpful in suggesting the doctors about the suitable treatments for patients on the basis of the history available in the databases.

Healthcare Management Software:

The dedicated IT systems can enable the process of running a medical institution quite simple. Yes, healthcare management software is very useful in managing the daily administrative tasks of hospitals. Such as accounting, inventory management, scheduling appointments, and time tables. Moreover, it can also aid you in monitoring the staff workload thus efficiently ensuring proper coverage.

The AI powered auto scheduling aids in arrangement and also in in-time entry of data. These services offered by software help in avoiding clashes. Managing the schedules of doctors as well as patient’s appointments can be difficult and time taking but this software can make per se tasks easier for hospital administration. You can hire a healthcare software development company for construction of this type of software.

Hospital Billing Software:

It simplifies and automates the medical billing procedure. It allows safer transactions by securing the payment methods. This software is very useful for hospitals now. As by assessing the general financial condition of the institution they can suggest cost-efficient methods and opportunities. Integrated with EHR software can cross-check a patient’s billing history with their medical records. In short, development of healthcare software  is the suppressing need of the hour.

E-prescription Software:

The use of E-prescription or prescribing software is increasing day by day. It is a technology framework that enables the physicians and other healthcare professionals to write prescriptions and also send it to pharmacy electronically instead of handwritten notes.

At the most basic level it can serve as a reference handbook. However, the more sophisticated systems serve as stand-alone prescription writers. They can create and refill prescriptions for individual patients, analyze history and other drug dispensing sites.

Telemedicine software:

Telemedicine is a fast growing industry, as in 2025 its market value is expected to reach  $64 billion and this estimate is for the United States only. The convenience it provides for doctors and patients alike has made it so successful. It lets healthcare professionals carry out appointments with patients online through a web browser or a mobile application.  Some contain features like a billing module and video conferencing.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software:

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) collects patient data outside the vicinity of hospitals and other institutions. With the help of this software the medical diagnostics can be performed remotely. As in times like this where COVID-19 is still preventing a lot of doctors from having patient meetings, the RPM system allows the doctors to give required treatment to their patients anytime and anywhere they need it.


The healthcare software development with their types is useful for different tasks. If you want health maintenance software then it is important that you select the software according to your needs and the healthcare software development company according to the demands and wants of your hospitals.


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