Master Math with Math Puzzles in 2022

Hours of math homework and solving different equations can make this subject a bit sour. However, when the math problems are outside of a school setting, it becomes enjoyable. Math puzzles encourage students to study mathematics. They test and examine your brain and thinking skills and provide some fun and tangible examples.

Math puzzles can be used in classroom gamification which shall inspire the students to deal with the problems that they believed were too difficult. In this article, we may discuss the types of math puzzles, the area of a trapezoid, and some examples based on it.

Five Interesting Math Puzzles to Encourage You to Study Mathematics:

The following points mentioned below analyze the five interesting math puzzles which shall encourage you to study mathematics.

Did You Know the Handbag That You Use is a Trapezoid?

In mathematics, there are various figures and objects which exist. One of them is the trapezoid. It is a two-dimensional shape with a pair of parallel sides and four straight sides. A trapezoid is often regarded as a trapezium.

The parallel sides of a trapezium are regarded as the bases and the non-parallel sides as the legs of the trapezium. The area of trapezium is the total amount of square units that can be filled inside a trapezium. The mathematical formula to find the area of the trapezium is 1/2 ( a + b) * h which is denoted as the height of the trapezium and a, b are regarded as the bases of the trapezium.


Find the area of the trapezium, if the length of bases and height of the trapezoid are 4 cm and 3 cm and 6 cm respectively.


Given that,

Height of trapezium = 6 cm

Bases of trapezium = 3 cm and 4 cm

Formula given for the area of trapezium = 1/2 * ( a + b) h.

1/2 * ( 3 cm + 4 cm) * 6 = 1/2 * 7 * 6.

1/2 * 7 * 6 = 21 cm square units.

Hence, the area of the trapezium is 21 cm square units.

Some Important Properties of a Trapezoid:

Have you ever thought, the handbag that you use or the bridges through which you walk is a trapezoid? There are various other real-life objects which are trapezoid in shape. To recognize those shapes, one must understand the properties of a trapezoid. The following points mentioned below analyze the properties of a trapezoid.

  1.  If both pairs of opposite sides of a trapezium are parallel, then a trapezoid is also known as a parallelogram.
  2.  Similarly, when the pair of opposite sides of a trapezium are parallel and the sides are of equal length, it is regarded as a square.

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