Become a Blogger with These 5 Simple Steps

Blogging is a great outlet for your creativity and can be the start of a new revenue stream. There are plenty of blogging platforms out there but hosting your own is the best option because you’ll have full control over the design. There is a lot to learn when it comes to blogging, but we’ve stripped it right back to the five essential steps if you want to become a blogger.

Niche Down and Choose a Domain Name:

Once you’ve chosen a broad topic for your blog, choose a specific niche to help bring in readers. For example, if you’ve chosen to write about cats, consider becoming an expert in all things cat food. This doesn’t mean you can’t branch out into other cat-related topics but try and keep focused and you will soon become an authority.

With a niche and blog name in hand, it’s time to choose a domain name. We suggest using something short, easy to remember, and related to your topic. When it comes to a domain suffix, “.com” is the most popular.

Buy Hosting Space:

You don’t need fancy technology to create a website; these Business Chromebooks will work just fine. However, you will need hosting space, which is where your website will be stored. There are countless providers that all state they’re the best, so carry out research and find a plan to suit your needs. When you start, you will likely only need a basic plan, which you can pick up for less than $5 a month.

Add WordPress and Choose a Theme:

With your domain secured and hosting set up, you need to start building your site. Fortunately, you don’t need to understand coding languages to create your blog, you simply need to add WordPress to your cPanel and get started. WordPress is a content management tool that helps you to build pages and publish content.

You will need to choose a theme, of which there are thousands to choose from. However, some popular choices for blogs include BLYT, Astra, and Soledad. Before installing a blog, you can explore all of the features and see a full preview.

Add These Essential Blog Plugins:

On its own, WordPress looks ugly – it’s the thousands of free and premium plugins that make this CMM incredible. If you’re only going to use two plugins for your blog, we suggest MonsterInsights and Yoast SEO, which will help you monitor your page’s performance and find your audience.

Write Quality Content Your Readers Will Enjoy:

People will tell you to write like a robot to suit Google’s algorithm, and although that’s true to an extent, you need to prioritize quality content. Every article you publish needs to answer search intent. However, you should remember to add your personality to your writing, which will help readers connect with you and keep coming back for more.

Blogging is a fantastic way to get your content online, and it’s more straightforward than you’d think. The steps above will get your website set up; all you need to do now is explore the wealth of WordPress plugins and publish incredible content.



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